Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ghoul Train

Here is another finish. This is Ghoul Train by Prairie Moon, but I made it much smaller.

Here is a link to the original pattern:

But, part way through stitching, I was afraid I would never finish it, so I edited the pattern to make it smaller. I was having nightmares about finishing all the boxes around the border. I picked out my favorite motifs and stitched them.With luck, I'll have it framed in time to hang for Halloween!

The fabric was hand dyed by Sue Miller, who was the owner of the Blue Iris needlework shop in Fayetteville AR many moons ago. It shows up a little faded in these pictures.  :(

Red Sampler

My EGA group has decided that for 2011 we are going to concentrate on finishing projects we started in previous years and want to finally finish. I hope to have several to post here!
Here is a sampler I finished during the February snowstorm. This was a stitch-along in the Hand Dyed Fiber forum that started last September. The thread is Perfect Red 6213 from Hand Dyed Fibers and the fabric is Toasted Almond.

The chart is a free one that can be found here:

It is the "Petit Sampler Rouge" from Le blog de Louisin.

I changed the sampler some to make it more personal.  I changed the design in the circles to hearts and blood drops.

Here is a snail I added. I found a free chart online and changed it a little to make the shell look a little like a heart. I also graphed the crosses.
And here is a Laurel wreath I graphed. All the changes I made were to add symbols that relate to another hobby, the Society for Creative Anachronisms.